Welcome to Sensational Kids TherapyA pediatric occupational therapy practice serving the Washington DC metro area

Sensational Kids Therapy is a private outpatient practice that specializes in sensory integration therapy. Our goal is to help children develop both skills and confidence for successful participation in their daily roles, including play, school, and self-care. We use a play-based, child-centered approach to provide children with the “just right challenge” that elicits motivation while also improving foundational skills. Activities performed during treatment sessions embrace the concept of play while addressing a child’s therapy goals. There have been a multitude of studies providing evidence to support goal directed therapy in improving a child’s function. Each therapy session is tailored to each child’s unique interests, strengths, and challenges. We take special care to develop child-therapist rapport so that the child feels safe and willing to take increased risks. Successful therapy also requires dedication from family and caregivers.

Our experienced staff of occupational and physical therapists works closely with children, parents, teachers, and other professionals to gain a fuller understanding of each child’s challenges. Therapists are trained to administer and interpret a variety of evaluations to develop an individualized treatment plan. Diagnoses include sensory processing disorder, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and other medically based syndromes.