Interactive MetronomeHelping children reach their full potential

"The Interactive Metronome (IM) is a computer-based training program that has been shown to improve attention, coordination, motor planning, sequencing and timing for individuals with sensory processing difficulties.

People who may benefit from use of the IM include children with sensory processing disorders, attention deficit disorders, motor planning problems, poor coordination, gross and fine-motor concerns, as well as learning and language disorders. IM can also be used to improve academic performance and a wide range of cognitive difficulties.

The IM combines principles of the musical metronome with a computer to precisely measure and improve the participant’s performance. It is the only research-based technology program that uses interactive exercises and a patented auditory guidance system to measure and improve one's rhythm and timing. By improving this fundamental ability, the individual learns to plan, sequence and process information more effectively.

The IM works by using special headphones and hand and foot sensors in order to measure how closely a participant responds to the computer generated beat. Participants are challenged to synchronize hand and foot movements with a tone heard through headphones. Audio and visual signals provide feedback to the participants about their performance, providing a non-invasive way to facilitate learning and motor development.

IM programs typically consist of 15 one-hour sessions, usually three-five times per week. The participant progresses through a series of exercises to systematically improve their timing, focus and concentration. The IM training can be adjusted and utilized with additional techniques to address individual concerns in therapy sessions."

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