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Individual Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Individual Occupational Therapy

Therapy is typically recommended for once or twice per week. Children use suspended and climbing equipment to improve motor skills and sensory processing. Depending on your child’s needs, sessions may include a portion of time spent on fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and handwriting.

  • 50 minute session
Individual Pediatric Physical Therapy

Individual Physical Therapy

The physical therapist will determine the frequency and intensity of treatment. Children will work on gross motor skills, coordination, muscle strengthening, gait training, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, along with recommendations for adaptive equipment and orthotics.

  • 60 minute session
Pediatric occupational therapy evaluations

Comprehensive Evaluation

In order to best evaluate progress, a baseline of ability is determined using a combination of observation, standardized testing, and interviews. Basic background information provided from parents and teachers helps to form a contextual understanding of a child's difficulties. Standardized assessments are used to quantify a child's abilities and serve as a basis for comparison as progress is achieved. Several standardized assessments are available and your child's therapist will discuss the best option with you. The therapist can also learn a great deal with direct observation of your child in either a clinic, school, or home setting. Following the evaluation, the therapist will schedule a consultation to discuss the results of the evaluation.

  • Price and session length determined by assessment used
Therapist Consultation with Parent


For current clients, your therapist is available for in-office, home, or school consultations as needed. Please schedule this directly with your child’s treating therapist.

  • We're available for in-office, home, or school consultations