Summer Intensive ProgramsFun Small Group Summer Camp Sessions

Kids in Sync

The Kids in Sync Summer Intensive Program is a three week intensive camp program that provides children the opportunity to improve self-regulation, gross motor, fine motor, and visual motor skills in a safe and fun small group environment.

Intensive therapy allows children to practice skills on a daily basis in order to promote improved function across environments. The small group allows children to generalize skills learned in individual therapy to a dynamic social environment.

Children in this program will:

  • Engage in movement activities to improve balance, postural control, motor planning, strength, and endurance
  • Participate in arts and crafts projects and games to improve visual perceptual skills, grasp, cutting skills, coloring/drawing skills and self-help skills
  • Target fine motor and handwriting readiness skills necessary for pre-K

This program is designed for 3-5 year olds.

Summer 2018 camp sessions run from June 18 to August 3.

**Children will receive their own fine motor kit to take home at the end of the program**

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Summer Intensive Program utilizes a Bimanual Intensive Therapy approach (BIT) for children with hemiplegia to improve the child’s ability to use two hands cooperatively to complete bimanual tasks. We will work to strengthen and improve the dexterity of the affected hand and maximize the child’s functional skills. Progress is made on goals identified as important by children and caregivers.

Studies show that intensity of practice is a key element of the reported improvements in affected hand use. Furthermore, there is evidence to show that children retain these changes over time. Click this link for more information about Intensive Therapy Approaches for Children with Hemiplegia.

This program utilizes the following principles:

  • Massed practice using motor learning principles and shaping in a child friendly environment
  • Gradual increase of the task demands and level of challenge to develop the maximum function of the affected extremity
  • Children work one on one with a licensed OT or PT

This program is designed for 5-8 year olds with hemiplegia.

Summer 2018 camp sessions run from June 18 to August 3.