Torticollis / Plagiocephaly"Tight Neck" and "Flat Head Syndrome"

Sensational Kids Therapy is proud to announce a new partnership!

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We are so excited to partner with Baby Begin in Dallas, TX! Jennifer Todd Barnard, who founded Baby Begin, is passionate about eradicating plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and effectively treating torticollis (tight neck). Baby Begin offers Skype appointments to those families who are concerned about their baby's head shape. This is a very effective way to get started on repositioning strategies that work to correct skull asymmetries without the need for a helmet. Jennifer has developed the “1st Step Plagio Plan,” which promotes awareness, effectively treats torticollis and corrects skull asymmetries through infant physical/occupational therapy, without the use of a helmet. Baby Begin has used this program with close to 2,000 babies and are seeing an 80% success rate. They know what works! The consultations are typically an hour long and also includes electronic correspondence as needed after the initial visit.

Because plagiocephaly typically goes hand in hand with torticollis, our highly experienced physical therapist, Terryl Rosenberg, will work directly with patients in our office to achieve the best outcomes possible. Terryl stays on top of the latest research and has treated thousands of these babies over many, many years. We are thrilled that Terryl and Jennifer, who have a history of working together in Texas, will be able to provide these unique services to our patients. The earlier you treat these conditions, the easier it is. The “wait and see” approach is not the best option, so act on your concerns now. We are here to help.

Jennifer Todd Barnard founded Baby Begin because she’s passionate about educating families on keeping their babies’ heads round. She’s a pediatric occupational therapist who has been treating plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and torticollis, (tight neck), exclusively, since 2000. She is hoping to make a breakthrough and eventually eradicate plagiocephaly as we know it. To that end, she is actively involved in educating physicians, families and other therapists in the community and around the country.

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